How does the Queue Assist Scheme work

1. Issuing of a Queue Assist Pass

On arrival at the First Aid Centre a guest wishing to take part in the Queue Assist Scheme will be asked for documentary proof of the disability which can take the form of a GP’s letter, Association Membership details, Council run membership or any other official document that states the disability. Please note that blue or orange badges will not be accepted as these do not state the nature of the disability. We regret that we do not accept Gateway cards as proof of disability, only medical documentation which states the nature of the disability.

For Season Ticket Holders a note will be made on their record so that documentation will not be required on each subsequent visit. After the initial registration Season Ticket Holders need only to report to the First Aid Centre and present the Season Ticket of the guest with the disability to enable a Queue Assist Pass to be issued.

Similarly, guests visiting the Park after they have previously presented their documentation need only quote their postcode and name so that their record can be checked and a Queue Assist Pass and wristband issued.

On successful application the guest with the disability will be issued with a unique wristband that will be attached to the wrist by the nurse. The guest or carer will be issued with a Queue Assist Pass which will be date stamped, logged and initialled by the nurse and is only valid for the one day visit.

2. Operation of the Queue Assist Scheme at a ride or attraction

The wristband holder who has been issued with the wristband may enter the ride as detailed on the Ride Information Boards, albeit in the majority of cases this will be via the Exit Gates where the guest needs to make their present known to the Ride Operator. The only exceptions are the Wave Runner, Raging River Ride, Cat-O-Pillar Coaster and Peppa Pig’s House where guests should report to the adjacent Ride Photography Kiosk where a Ride Operator’s assistance can be requested.

The wristband holder must be accompanied by at least one helper over the age of 14. If the guest does not meet the restrictions to ride unaccompanied they should be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over. The maximum number of carers permitted to ride will vary from ride to ride dependent on the ride compatibility. Details for each ride and attraction are listed on the Ride Accessibility page. (please note a maximum of one carer is permitted on George’s Dinosaur Adventure). The wristband holder MUST be present at all times.

The wristband holder or carer should hand the Ride Operator the Queue Assist Scheme Pass which will have issued and validated by a nurse as detailed above. The Operator will “hole punch” the appropriate part of the Pass as this only permits one Queue Assist entry per ride per day. Should a further ride be required then the Wristband Holder and Carer(s) will be required to queue as normal.

Guests at the exit may have to wait a short time to board the attraction.

Important Notes

The Queue Assist Scheme does not apply to Character meet and greets, Christmas attraction, Beastie Burrow, George’s Spaceship Play Zone, Peppa Pig’s House or any of the Park’s special events.

The Park staff are always on hand to assist and offer advice but for the safety of all concerned are not able to assist with lifting a guest on or off a ride.

The ride Operator’s decision is final as to whether a guest is able to use a ride.

Wristband and Queue Assist Passes remain the property of Paultons Park Ltd.

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