Season Ticket Holder Information and Pre-Booking

We greatly value the loyalty and patience of all our Season Ticket Holders during this time and are pleased to welcome you back to Paultons!

Important links for Season Ticket Holders

Pre-book your visit with a Season Ticket 

  • As from 14th September pre-booking is no longer required on off-peak weekdays
  • Important: The number you need to input is the barcode number - mixture of letters and numbers -not your membership number! If you can’t find your email confirmation, please log in to your account and view your Order History – you will find your tickets here.
  • You will be charged a £1 fee per guest that will be donated to our premium charity partner, Southampton Hospitals Charity. This will guarantee entry to the park and enable you to enjoy a full day at the Park.
  • Once you pre-book you will be emailed a one-time use ticket valid only for the day of your booking, you must bring both your one-time use ticket and your Season Ticket with you.

Cancel a pre-booked Season Ticket visit

Season Ticket Terms and Conditions

Visiting the park after 2pm

  • Season Ticket Holders can visit the park on selected days after 2pm without a pre-booked dated ticket. During our Happy Halloween event (23rd October – 1st November) Season Ticket Holders will need to pre-book all visits to the park. Additional capacity will be released on Monday 12th October to enable more Season Ticket Holders to arrive after 2.00pm on each of these days, including our late night opening on the 27th and 29th October. We regret that entry will no longer be permitted without a pre-booked ticket after 4.30pm on 27th and 29th October.

Season Ticket Extensions

Season Tickets which expired on or after 21st March 2020

  • As you know, Paultons was closed over the lockdown period. To make up for the time you have lost, and to show you how much we value and appreciate your understanding, we have added 5 months onto all original expiry dates for Paultons Season Tickets which expire on or after 21st March 2020.
  • We appreciate that many of our Season Ticket Holders purchased passes so they can spontaneously visit Paultons at their leisure. We have also put in place the 5 month extension period to acknowledge the new requirement to pre-book. 
  • Your ticket expiry date has been updated automatically, please download the Paultons Park App and import your ticket, which will then show the updated expiry date. You do not need to collect a new card, you can bring either your original plastic card, or show your Season Ticket on the app. You must bring both your one-time date specific booking ticket with you, as well as your Season Ticket.
  • Season Tickets which expired before the 21st March will not be entitled to any extensions.

Season Tickets purchased online but not collected yet

  • If you have purchased a new Season Ticket from our website you can still come and collect it. Your Season Ticket will be valid for 12 months from the date of collection. Please follow the instructions on your confirmation email. We will accept new Season Ticket vouchers up until the 2nd November 2020. You can book your visit at using the barcode emailed to you when you purchased your ticket. Subsequent visits will need to be booked using the plastic card we print for you.

New Season Ticket purchases

  • Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the current and future operation of Paultons with respect to COVID-19 we have taken the difficult decision to suspend the sale of new Season Tickets. Read our Season Ticket Terms and Conditions for more information. Existing Season Tickets holders can still renew in the normal way.

Online Season Ticket Renewals

  • For Season Tickets that have been renewed online during the closure period, please use your barcoded confirmation to pre-book your visit date. Alternatively, you can import the Season Ticket Renewal voucher into the Paultons Park App, which will then show the updated expiry date, including any extension which has been applied, you can then pre-book your ticket date using the barcode number on the app.

Season Tickets which expired when the park was closed

  • We are pleased to say that 5 months has been added to all Season Tickets with an expiry on or after the 21st March 2020. Therefore, any Season Tickets which were due to expire in the closed/lockdown period will now be valid and can be renewed, either online or at the park, as you approach the new expiry date.


Can I purchase normal day tickets to secure my place?

Any day tickets purchased from the Paultons Park website are strictly non-refundable, Season Ticket Holders purchasing day tickets to secure their place at the park will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Will the extension be applied to my child who is now over 1 metre in height?

All children measured as one metre or above, with shoes on, will require a ticket or their own Season Ticket to enter the park.

A family member is still shielding, can I transfer my extension to next year?

We’re pleased to be providing a 5 month extension which we are confident will give guests plenty of opportunity to visit Paultons. To see the measures we have put in place to keep our staff and guests safe, visit our COVID-19 Information pages.

Will I need a new Season Ticket card?

Your ticket has been automatically extended, while the printed expiry date on your card will show the original expiry date please be assured the barcode will be valid for an additional 5 months. Please download the Paultons Park App and import your ticket, which will then show the updated expiry date.

When can I start using my pass again?

Paultons Park reopened on 4th July. Season Ticket Holders can plan their next using the Season Ticket Pre-Booking page.

What if I am unable to attend my pre-booked date having been instructed to self-isolate?

Please cancel your booking

Will I still receive discounts in the Retail and Food & Beverage outlets?

Yes, during the extended period you will still be entitled to all exclusive season ticket holder discounts. Please make sure you have your season ticket with you or imported into the Paultons Park App as we’ll need to scan the QR code to apply your discount. We regret we will be unable to apply any discounts to Retail and Food & Beverage purchases made online or on the Paultons App.

Can I still use cash at Paultons?

Paultons Park is now a cashless environment. Season Ticket Holders can upload money to their Season Tickets which they can spend around the park.

Alternatively, please bring a contactless credit or debit card with you when you visit.

What are the terms and conditions of a Season Ticket?

Please visit the Season Ticket terms and conditions page. 

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